Han Zenith New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Taiwan in 2013. We dedicated in miscellaneous application of environmental materials and strive to lead the way when it comes to sustainability. We are committed to our mission of "Being Green, Being Pioneering," and proudly partner with our customers to provide value-added, customized solutions.

As a PLA relative products developer, we believe we have a responsibility to play a positive role in the environments in which we operate and serve. From the way we operate our facilities and to the industry partnerships we have developed, Han Zenith is committed to designing our products with the environment in mind. In addition, Han Zenith are actively engaged in technical exchanges with customers, suppliers and academic institutions to continue developing new formulations to meet current market trend and demands.

We offer not only regular grade for common usage but also offer customized service according to different requirement of the customers. Helping them to enhance the performance characteristics of their end products and to innovate the products and to enhance their own value on the market. We works with leading brands to design, develop and manufacture eco-friendly products using sustainable raw materials. Your product concepts will benefit from in-house engineering and design expertise, so your product can be developed with complete confidentiality.

CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility

Han Zenith New Material Technology Co., Ltd care each of employee, we provide not only a comfortable and safety working place, but also training classes for every member in Han Zenith. In order to retain excellent employees and to keep developing sustainably, Han Zenith not only offer a competitive salary, but also offers attractive employee benefits. Han Zenith devotes to the public welfare and environmental protection. We also donate to some major charities irregularly. It is our goal to create a better environment for the next generation.

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